Transcription Services

Word Wizards, Inc. has over 20 years of experience providing transcription services for audio and video projects. We offer the highest quality transcription services available, with a long standing reputation for accuracy and speed. The Word Wizards transcription team guarantees quality and turnaround for every project. We maintain a superior level of excellence by relying on a labor force of highly skilled transcribers, all of which are citizens of The U.S.A.

Audio and Video Transcription

A transcript is simply a document that contains a text account of the spoken material within an audio or video recording. Transcripts continue to be a valuable asset to companies and individuals working with audio and video material. Transcription services are used in many different industries to improve efficiency for media projects, organize large quantities of audio / video assets, and to provide an exact text account of all verbal material within a media file.  A transcript offers instant access to critical information, and creates an efficient system for keeping track of the content within media files.

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Transcripts come in many different flavors for different applications. Below we have provided some additional information about different types of transcripts that we provide. We invite you to explore and learn more about our transcription services and capabilities.

General Transcription Services

For standard transcription services without time code.

Time Code Transcription Services

For transcription services with time code.

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