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Blog News GSA Update 2019 – New Prices   

Word Wizards, Inc. has officially completed our 2+ year journey to transition our GSA contract pricing to minute rates from page rates for our transcription services. We began this transition after changes to new versions of MS Office products made it apparent that “a page” is no longer a standard metric for service pricing. A […]


Documentary Film Investigative Film Making: A Different Type of Documentary   

Fifty years ago the country was embroiled in the Vietnam War which consumed the lives of 58,220 American soldiers and several million Vietnamese.  The “War” on the home front pitted young Americans vs. old in what could be called a political revolution.   During the conflict a young political activist threw a cherry bomb at a […]


Documentary Film The Art of the Interview   

Word Wizards has provided transcription for over 10,000 interviews since we pioneered a method of adding time code to transcripts back in 1995! However, typing interviews is not the same as conducting them. We are now producing a documentary of our own, and we have turned to our friends at Docs in Progress (DIP) to […]


Blog News Discovery HQ – Leaving Silver Spring   

The DMV (DC, MD, and VA) Film and Video community was surprised by the recent announcement that Discovery Communications will move their headquarters to New York in 2019. The fate of the One Discovery Place building remains an unknown, as local businesses and developers brace for impact. Discovery transitioned from Bethesda to Silver Spring several […]


Blog News 508 Refresh Goes Live – New Law In Effect on January 18, 2018   

The long awaited Refresh of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act becomes the law of the land on January 18, 2018.  Word Wizards has covered the refresh since its’ early planning phase. During the rule making process, we covered the progress of the new regulations and submitted comments in support of 508 accessible transcripts as […]


featured Word Wizards Earns A+ BBB Accreditation   

This week, Word Wizards, Inc. announced its recent accreditation by the BBB serving Metro Washington DC and Eastern PA.  As a BBB Accredited Business, we are dedicated to promoting trust in the marketplace. According to a recent BBB study by Nielsen, nearly 83% of U.S. consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a business […]


Blog News Project Spotlight – Harvard Thesis Template   

Challenge The Harvard University Extension School came to us to develop a template, built in Microsoft Word, that would render the formatting process for a typical student thesis less arcane. Originally, they were considering different specifications for each department. To standardize the process, they decided to combine requirements among departments. This was the best option […]


featured ICT Refresh: Updated 508 Compliance Regulations   

Earlier this year, the US access board posted their proposed final rule for 508 compliance to the Federal Register. The new laws will have a major impact on what material must be accessible, and the success criteria for compliance. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has evolved rapidly in the time since 508 regulations were first […]


Accessibility 508 Compliance – ICT Refresh 2017: Final Rule Posted   

For the past year, we have reported on the forthcoming update to 508 compliance standards. On January 9th, 2017 the final rule was officially posted to the Federal Register. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards and guidelines refresh is intended to improve on the existing framework of 508 compliance law, updating the rules to […]


Blog News Out of this World – Free Animation and Graphics from NASA   

On June 30, 2016 at an event hosted by Interface Media Group, WIFV (Women in Film and Video) brought the fascinating animation portfolio of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) and its director Dr. Horace Mitchell, to the attention of the local film and video production community.  The NASA-SVS Gallery of […]


Blog News Augmented Reality – Pokemon Go I choose You!   

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have taken both our attention and the market by a storm within the past several years.  From headsets to our own smartphones, both have come leaps and bounds from the old Disney Quest Aladdin Magic Carpet VR ride, with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset by Oculus VR being one […]


Blog News Accessibility Tools – 7 Useful Apps for Disabled Individuals   

Apple iPhone has set the bar high for mobile accessibility tools. Apple has committed their development to provide a fully accessible user experience to individuals with disabilities. In addition to the great built in tools provided by Apple, it app store offers additional tools that can further improve the mobile accessibility experience. Get more Access […]


Blog News Local Opportunities – WIFV-DC Media Job Fair Recap   

Growth is a good thing, until you look around one day and find you need more talented people to do all the extra work. Word Wizards recently attended the 2016 WIFV-DC Media Job Fair (WJF) to identify candidates for transcription, 508 compliance, and graphic design work. While online hiring and digital classifieds have become the […]


Documentary Film Film Spotlight- The “Victorious” D.C. Divas   

Thanks to our friends at WIFV-DC, we recently attended the Reel Affirmations Film Festival’s screening of Victorious: Women of the Gridiron. The film is about the D.C. Divas, an all-woman football team that was undefeated in the 2015 Woman’s Football Alliance season. Some of the best players in woman’s football were present at the screening, […]


Blog News ADA and 508 Accessibility: Comparing Two Standards   

Both Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (508) and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are made up of laws and guidelines requiring information to be made available to all members of the public, regardless of sensory disabilities. Closed Captioning (CC),  Audio Description (AD), and accessible digital publication technology (508 remediation), are […]


Blog News Producer Resources – TED Talks for Media Pros   

Word Wizards recently had the pleasure to do transcription work for a new batch of TED Talks (“TT”). TED is a non-profit group, whose primary mission is the spread knowledge globally through powerful online talks about a variety of subjects. TTs are free online lectures which are both short (eighteen minute or less), and informative […]


Media News PHS vs Ebola – The Hope Multipliers   

Word Wizards would like to take a moment to acknowledge a truly historic project we helped with recently. Behind the scenes, our team works on many high profile projects. Once in a while, we work on something that has true historical significance. Two weeks ago we helped USHHS produce transcripts for a video called “The […]


Media News Workplace Safety – Preventing Hand Related Injury   

Word Wizards makes a living by providing profession transcription services. Our team relies on our hands for transcription activities, and protecting these important assets is paramount to the success of our company. Unfortunately, some typists are susceptible to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) because of the nature of the work. Word Wizards typists clock in at […]


Accessibility 508 Refresh – Public Comments Closed: Our Contribution   

The time for public comments before the US Access Board regarding the 508 Refresh has passed. Word Wizards (WW) submitted our own comments in support of 508 accessible transcripts as a viable alternative to prerecorded material, in order to provide increased access for deaf and hard of hearing, as well as blind and low vision […]


featured Crowd Marketing – TUGG and GATHR   

  Thanks so much to Docs In Progress for organizing the Crowdsourcing Theatrical Distribution talk.  They do amazing work helping people from all walks of life to fulfill their desire of creating documentary productions.  Since video transcription is often an essential part of making a documentary, it is only natural that WW is a proud corporate […]


featured Public Comments to Access Board: 508 Refresh   

  Duff Johnson, Executive Director of the PDF Association recently spoke before the U.S. Access Board regarding the upcoming refresh of the 508 accessibility rules.  The proposed changes include adherence to WCAG 2.0 for all media types and additional conformance to other guidelines based on media type, such as the PDF/UA-1 guidelines for all PDF […]


Accessibility Media Accessibility – 508 Compliant Transcript   

Word Wizards is continuing our coverage of The United States Access Board’s 508 refresh. These rules and standards set the accessibility compliance requirements for electronic publications procured by the federal government, including web sites, video assets, and mixed media productions. For video assets, the current 508 compliant standard for accessibility requires closed captioning, and audible […]


Blog News Viral Videos – EnChroma and Valspar’s Color for All   

Valspar, a paint company, recently collaborated with EnChroma to bring attention to the Cx Explorer – glasses specifically tailored to bring color to the colorblind. The Explorer looks just like regular aviator sunglasses. The key difference, however, is that the Explorer is capable of increasing a person’s perception of the saturation of colors. The video […]


Section 508 Compliance Section 508 Refresh: New Rules for Media Accessibility   

The U.S. Access Board, the government agency responsible for providing accommodations for people with disabilities under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, has issued a call for public comments concerning Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This call is in regards to new rules which are currently being developed for how ICT is handled. […]


Blog News 508 Refresh is Underway   

The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) is currently working to revise the standards for Section 508 accessibility. This revision is being called the 2015 Section 508 Refresh.   Since the last revision (in 2000), technological advances have increased exponentially – going from voice-only devices to smartphones, for example. Therefore, the Access Board […]


Blog News Title Region in Excel: Defining for JAWS 16   

Since software is constantly updating and evolving, we have to keep up with changes to make the most accessible documents as possible. With that in mind, issues can sometimes arise with the new versions of our most commonly used software, such as JAWS. What works in an older version may not translate well into the […]


Blog News Section 508 Compliance – Expert Advice   

This post is the start of a new series concerning Section 508 compliance remediation. Our expert 508 compliance team has encountered several workflow errors while using Acrobat for 508 remediation.  These errors cause some serious headaches for both users and clients. As such, we felt it would be useful to cover some of these issues […]


Blog News Happy New Year: Best of 2014   

  Wishing you a happy new year from your friends at Word Wizards. 2015 is here and we are planning big things for our company.  Transcription, compliance, and graphic services are hot, and our company is growing faster than ever before. Our blog took a pause in the fall as we restructured our media team, […]


featured #Stuck – New Film Spotlight   

Starting this weekend #Stuck will be screening in select theaters across the country. The production team is coming along for the ride, hosting Q + A sessions after the show, and kicking off their tour in NYC at the Village East Cinema this Friday night. Through a unique combination of independent capitalization, and social media crowd-funding, […]


Blog News Using Social Media to Promote Your Projects and Business   

By Scott L. Gordon, Word Wizards, Inc. CEO. Like many people in the modern era, I am fascinated by social media as a tool to increase networking and promote my business.  That’s why I was drawn to WIFV’s Wednesday One meeting at Interface Media Group, featuring two powerhouse women who specialize in social media.   […]


Blog News Unmanned Aircraft in Filmmaking   

One of the most exciting new tends in filmmaking today is the use of camera-equipped drones. These inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, are more budget conscious than helicopters for capturing the overhead excitement of a vehicle chase or other outdoor scenes. Using a versatile GoPro camera on a UAV, filmmakers can easily record awe-inspiring […]


Blog News Keying and Rotoscoping: An Editor’s Toolbox   

  Working in the post-production phase of video production, Word Wizards often receives projects with major editing problems and no budget or time for a reshoot. In a recent TIVA meeting held at RHED Pixel, Rich Harrington presented a first-hand look at two essentials of the video production industry, keying and rotoscoping, which can be […]


featured Future Media Concepts Presents: Editing Tech 101   

Heavily involved in many aspects of post-production, Word Wizards realizes that editing is where the magic begins. And choosing the right editing software for your project—Adobe Premiere, Avid or Final Cut—is essential. A huge thank you goes out to TIVA who recently sponsored an incredibly informative panel discussion at Future Media Concepts, Comparing Editing Platforms, […]


featured 48-Hour Film Project 2014 – Reflections from the Pros   

  When my friend Tim Flaherty came shopping for a location for his entry in the 2014 48-Hour Film Project,  I was intrigued and wanted to help him. He is a former President of TIVA, and I know him to be a rock solid television and industrial producer.  His co-leader was Ishu Krishna, another former […]


featured NAB Show 2014 – Trade Show Tech   

Tech Nirvana   Word Wizards lives on the cutting edge of technology.  As a matter of fact, we first exhibited transcripts with time code at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in 1998.  Since then we have continued to innovate using the latest technology. We pioneered new methods of transcription, developed advanced audio […]


Community Outreach The Art of Selling Yourself – Through Your Resume   

There were valuable resume and interview tips aplenty at an informative presentation on resume building, hosted by Women in Film and Video (WIFV) and Women in Cable Television Communications (WICT), at Interface Media Group on April 2, 2014.  The panel discussion was scheduled just ten days before the ever-popular WIFV job fair, so these important […]


featured The Science of Good Story Telling   

Producers and reporters of science programs for film and television are always looking for engaging, compelling stories to teach and motivate and to open our minds to infinite possibilities. Scott Gordon, C.E.O. of Word Wizard, is addicted to scientific programming and watches very little else except the News.  That’s why he joined me as we […]


Documentary Film DC Premiere of CinemAbility   

Expanding Minds: At Word Wizards we are all about accessibility.  Our 508 compliant transcripts meet federal standards for multimedia on Federal websites that are accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as to the blind and low vision individuals.  That is why we want to shout out about the screening of the […]


Blog News New Address   

Attention! Word Wizards HQ has moved. Our new address is 8609 2nd Avenue. Unit 406B. Silver Spring, MD. 20910.


featured Celebration and Cinema – 2014 DC Independent Film Festival   

One of the most successful and enduring film festivals to call DC home, the DC Independent Film Festival celebrated its 16th year as one of the area’s longest running festivals. The DCIFF mission includes supporting and showcasing talented filmmakers from around the world. And by exhibiting world premiere screenings, hosting timely seminars and workshops, as […]


featured A TIVA Era Begins   

A TIVA Era Begins Following the successful TIVA presidency of Jerry Griffith with many innovations and a record membership, Brian Grundstrom now steps into Jerry’s shoes and takes over the reins. Formally Vice President of TIVA, Brian offers an insider’s view and super-charged ideas for growing Television Internet Video Association to the largest affiliation of […]


Blog News Women in Film and Video Kicks Off A Revolutionary New Year   

WIFV Kicks Off a Revolutionary New Year Picture taken from WIFV Website A Truly Grand Start to 2014 The DC chapter of Women in Film and Video kicked off their 35th year in style with a holiday party at the offices of the nonprofit organization 1776. Located at 1133 15th Street, Farragut North, 1776’s workplace—and […]


Blog News Napa Valley Film Festival – The Highlights   

Film Tasting Napa Valley known as wine country once again magically transformed into movie country with a touch of “Hollywood.” The third annual Napa Valley Film Festival—November 13-17th 2013—showcased 125 independent films to enthusiastic audiences. A gathering of 300 varied filmmakers attracted high-profile celebs like Colin Farrell, original Batman Adam West, Karate Kid’s Ralph Macchio, […]


Blogging DIY Network – Four Legged Fashion   

Video production professionals are used to finding that perfect look for themselves; why shouldn’t that extend to man’s best friend? Take a look at this new infomercial by the DIY Network, starring Word Wizards Operations Manager Ben and office support dog Heather. Now pooches can get some high style of their own to match their […]


Featured Video Translation Services Video   

Word Wizards also does Translation Services! Contact us today for information on our foreign language services.

Documentary Film 2013 Peer Awards – $500 Prize for Best Documentary Film   

    The annual DC Peer Awards is always a special event, celebrating the best artists in the DC production community and bringing them together to reward their hard work. Word Wizards Inc. has been a proud sponsor for many years because we believe they honor the absolute best in the field and encourage aspiring professionals to […]


Technology Video Tech – Flying And Moving Camera Rigs   

While the good old fashioned tripod is a tried and true method for getting talking heads footage for that documentary you’re working on, it’s not as ideal for getting other types of footage. Say you want a more exciting moving shot that captures action or want something really impressive like a great aerial shot but […]


Blogging Social Media and Sangria Panel   

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a very enjoyable panel, presented by Women in Film and Video and hosted by Interface Media Group, that was all about taking the plunge into social media and how to fully utilize it. Here at Word Wizards Inc., we know that getting the word out about your film can […]


Documentary Film Funding Your Film Into The Marketplace   

                 I recently ran across an interesting little article, written by Kathy A. McDonald, which was all about prepping your documentary for the market place and some basic tips to follow. Each year the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Fund holds a number of labs or discussions, one of which is the Sundance […]


Graphic Design Photoshop Now Subscription Only – Impact and Reactions   

I recently stumbled onto this article entitled Picture This: Is There Life After Photoshop  by Ian Hardy, on BBC news and thought it was a great piece that touches upon an important segment of the production community. Over the past 23 years Photoshop has become a cornerstone of the graphic design world. Some estimate that nine […]


Video Production How News Archives Are Reaching Out   

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about how the National Archives is a treasure trove of stock footage for films and documentaries. Just the other day, I was reading a documentary magazine and happened to come across an article that serves as a perfect companion piece. The article, titled “The Past Is Never Dead: […]


Community Outreach Documentary Filmmaking as the Ultimate Cultural Ambassador   

Documentaries are a great way to be introduced to new ideas and learn about important issues, but they can also serve as a bridge to other countries and communities across the world. They excel at allowing the viewer to travel to another place without having to leave their couch or seat. No one understood this better […]


Social Media Using The Right Etiquette On LinkedIn   

While the world of social media encompasses a dizzying number of different networks, with more showing up all the time, one in particular, LinkedIn, stands out as the most professional.  While sites like Facebook and Twitter are often seen as being more fun, relaxed and unfiltered, LinkedIn is known for getting right to business in […]


Documentary Film AFI Docs – Behind The Scenes   

A New Layout The “SilverDocs” film festival has become AFI Docs, and shook things up this year with a completely new format. With a luxurious new sponsor, Audi, and a substantial reworking of the festival organization, AFI Docs made a big impact in its first year. Instead of being concentrated in Silver Spring, this year the majority of […]

Technology Password Security and Management   

The Setup In 2010, several popular web sites were hacked and their password data stolen. If you were part of one of these sites, you may already know about this since emails warning of the break-in were sent out to users. If not, then why worry, right? Why worry, indeed. The Problem The problem is […]


featured Summer Sale – Save 15% on Transcription   

Give your budget a break! Save big this summer on your next transcription project. Word Wizards is offering a 15% discount on transcription services from July 4th through Labor Day in 2013. This limited time offer wont be around for long, so call or e-mail us today to get started. Click the advertisement below for […]


TIVA-DC TIVA Talk: Pitching To The Networks Workshop   

Since we here at Word Wizards Inc. go through hours of transcription each day we know that while making film and video is hard, the toughest part is actually getting someone to green light your pitch so you can actually get the chance to make it. We all know that making that pitch can be difficult, awkward and just plain […]

Web Design Willoughby’s New Web Look   

While many people think of Word Wizards, Inc. as just a transcription and post-production company, we also have a very accomplished graphic design and website wing that’s responsible for some very impressive work around the web. Our latest project had us working with the The Willoughby of Chevy Chase Condominium and designing a brand new totally re-designed […]