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Last night at American Universities School of Communications,  several media professionals gathered with TIVA to give out

some very valuable information about how to get your foot in the media industry whether your a college student or a seasoned professional

looking to switch careers. The panelists included:


Jason Villemez, Production Assistant at PBS Newshour

Kristen Edgell, Marketing Assistant at National Geographic

Laura Mateus, Campus Recruiter at Discovery Communications!search/profile/person?personId=1770693696&targetid=profile

Julia Beyer, Career Advisor for SOC Students


A variety of issues were discussed which included networking, resumes,

social media and linkedin, age and experience, reaching out and internships.



  • Networking, As Kristen pointed out networking is very much the name of the game. She very smartly made time to talk to every person she worked with, grabbing a cup of coffee and picking their brains. After these meetings she would inquire about other contacts that person might have that would be a good fit for her to talk to and then sought out those individuals. Another point that all the panelists agreed on was the value of a mentor and really getting to know an individual who will work with you and even advocate on your behalf.  Also, its key to stay in touch with those connections you make and to stay on their radar. They might be looking to fill a spot in an afternoon and if you stay fresh on their radar, you may just be getting that call.


  • Internships, the panel unanimously agreed that having at least one internship college is a great way to get some real world work skills outside of the classroom. Make sure that you really assert yourself in the role trying to learn as much as possible about the work your doing and present yourself well. Employers and companies respond well to someone who is eager to learn and want additional responsibilities instead of that person who’s just waiting to go. Many internships are now paying but even those that aren’t are still a valuable way for people to focus on their interests by getting to practice them in an adult setting.


  • Social Media, Obviously this is a huge facet of the media and business worlds and will only continue to grow. The best social media to present in terms of professionalism is Linkedin. The panelists all agreed that not only is it the preferred way to present yourself to new business contacts, its a great way to scout out potential employers and new relationships as well. A surprising note came from Laura who pointed that just because someone’s young and of the “plugged in” generation, that’s not a guarantee that they themselves are tech savvy or fluent in the art of social media. Twitter and facebook are also good venues to reach out to contacts, just be weary of  what they may see when they look at your profile. It’s smart to put your website and social media links under the header of your resume to show just how connected and tech able you are.


  • Resumes, one of the most important topics discussed was resumes and presentation. As Julia reminded everyone,  the basic look for a resume should be a header with your name, address, contact info and any links to your website or social media. This should be followed by education and most recent or appropriate work depending on the job your applying for. After this should come other work experiences and then your skills.  Unless you have more than ten years experience in the field, resume length should be one page. Grammar, punctation and spelling are also key since many people overlook these and will send resumes carelessly riddled with such mistakes. Also don’t put things that aren’t true, if your not familiar with software or a technical skill don’t put it on your resume. You may be questioned about it during your interview and not knowing anything will immediately make you look unprofessional.


  • Age and Media as a second career, Jason pointed out that in his position as a production assistant, one of his duties is to review candidates for internships and job openings. While there are the typical college students and recent graduates in that mix, Jason is also seeing lots of people in their late 20’s, 30’s and some who are doctors or lawyers looking to switch careers and that’s not a bad thing. Jason, who himself started in his job at the age of 27, says age is not an issue and what really matters is the desire to work your way up from the bottom. As long as the drive, willingness to learn, punctuality and professionalism are present, than people will notice your hard work and take you very seriously.



A huge thank you to the School of Communications for hosting this event and to TIVA for holding it.
Further highlights of the event will soon be up on TIVA’s website at

Consumer Electronics Show 2013 – 5 Technology Trends

Next week marks the beginning of The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) In Las Vegas. CES is the worlds largest gadget conference, where the big and small names of the tech world gather to show off their newest toys. The 2013 show seems to be all about innovation through integration, prepare for a world where your phone can turn on your oven while streaming Homeland wirelessly to your smart TV. The gear will be cool, it will be new, and it will probably be too expensive for most of us to afford.

Consumer Electronics Show produced by CEA International.

Lets take a look at five of the leading tech trends that will dominate this years event.

Small Tech and Big Start-ups

The newbies on the floor this year will be fighting for attention for the first time, and it looks like they will be shaking things up. CES 2013 has attracted exhibitors from some of the leading small-cap technology companies and start-ups. Companies like Leap Motion and Razer are bringing new gear and gadgets with lots of buzz and big budgets.

The New "Sabertooth" Controller by Razer.
The New “Sabertooth” XBOX Controller by Razer.

While at the same time, brand new companies like Pebble are shaking things up with new ideas for gizmoz and gadgets, bringing the entrepreneurial spirit back to the showroom floor.

Pebble lets you check your e-mail and text mesages on the go.
Now That’s A Smart Watch

Tablets and Touchscreens

The tablets are in abundance this year, with all the big names competing for a market space that did not exist just a few years ago. The buzz this year seems to be surrounding the new “hybrid” tablets release by Windows and a few other companies. Although a hybrid laptop / tablet is not a new idea, the delivery has never been more sexy and cost effective for manufactures and consumers. The verdict is still out whether the hybrid tablet / laptop concept will take off, but Microsoft is hoping that CES 2013 will put their new “Surface” devices one step closer to winning over public opinion.


Surface hybrid tablet / laptoop with windows 8.
The hybrid Tablet / Laptop has been reborn!

Cars With Brains

I recently had the pleasure of driving a 2012 Mercedes SUV, she talks to you, warns you when people are in your blind spot, and even corrects the steering if you swerve on the highway. The world of car tech has come so far, but in recent history, the premium tech has only been included in the highest end models and brands. It seems that this year will mark the point where motor-vehicle gadgets are slowly being integrated into much more affordable models.

Inside The Delorean From Back To The Future III
Inside The Delorean From Back To The Future III

Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Audi and several others will be showing off their new smart car wizbangs, and like I said earlier, the trend this year will focus on integration. Smartphone syncing, internet ready, self navigating vehicles will be the standard of the not-so-distant future. Much of the technology that will dominate the market over the next ten years will be shown to the public for the first time next week at CES 2013.

Ford at CES 2012
Ford at CES 2012

TVs Going Rouge

As always, new models of smarter, brighter, and fancier televisions will dominate the showroom of CES. Many manufactures are trying to come out on top in the ongoing fight for TV market share. The front lines of this battle will be drawn at CES 2013. TV gadget lovers will certainly have enough to keep their attention, but the real story here is the dramatic shift from traditional Television sets to mobile content delivery devices and systems.

Multiple screens with streaming television capabilities.

Once again, integration seems to be driving the current trend in television content delivery. So you have a smartphone and a smart TV, shouldn’t you be able to deliver content to and from both devices? That’s the logic currently influencing the development of new technology. People are no longer content to sit in front of a couch and watch their shows at prime time. Consumers of today want their content anywhere, anytime, and they want to be able to text, tweet, and surf the web while watching it. The dominant theme in TV tech at CES 2013 will be providing solutions to this demand.

 Check Back For More!

We will be covering CES 2013 on this blog to recap the highlights. Come back and check out our coverage, and make sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive articles like this.