2012 Presidential Election – Top 10 Funny Viral Memes

Another presidential election has come and gone. At this point, your either pissed, happy, or generally indifferent… Whatever your thoughts on the outcome, I bet your glad its over. As we prepare for whatever the future will hold for this great nation, lets take a look at the top 10 viral images that were floating around.

*Note* This blog maintains a NEUTRAL political stance. The images below are supposed to be fun, not serious. If you have an opinion, share it on our comments section.

Biden Burn:

Obama meets Igor

 The New Vice President: Excellent…

Mitt Romeny and his running mate Mr. Burns from the Simpsons

Lack of Forethought: Or Any Thought…

A little dig at the infamous "back in chains" comment.

Child’s Play:

Hilarious and way out of context. Obama tell a little girl she didn't build her toy block castle.

Dirty Chairy…

Do you feel lucky, Chair?

Come at me, BRO!

Put it on my tab, bro!

A seemingly indestructible monster…

Zeus releases the Biden after Obama bombs the first debate.


Obama rides a unicorn and shoots rainbows out of his hands...

Enough is Enough:

The Donkey and The Elephant Get time out for misbehaving this election cycle.

Bill’s Brain:

Bill Clinton Fantasizes about binder's full of women

There you have it! Leave us a comment if you have some funny viral images of your own from this election. Please, keep them PG-13!!

News Media – Technology and Election Season News

Last night’s Vice Presidential Debate seemed to leave both parties satisfied. Relax, the purpose of this article is not to argue about who won. I want to take a close look at the technology behind how the big news networks cover these elections. Just think about whats involved when you have 5 HD cameras and 3 microphones streaming live feeds from the debate stage. These extremely high bandwidth data feeds are recorded, encoded, transmitted to space, relayed to TV stations, and streamed for live broadcast over national and local networks ALL IN REAL TIME.

News Floors – Welcome to The Bridge

CNN’s Election Center 2012

CNN's Election Center
The Stage of CNN’s Election Center

It feels like the bridge of The Starship Enterprise, only this show stars Captain Wolf Blitzer and 1st Mate Anderson Cooper. In the photo above, there are countless HD screens, thousands of watts of lighting, a fully functional smart board, or two, and every tool a newscaster could possibly need to convey their message to viewers. Don’t forget, that’s only half of the stage, there is a similar array of technology right out of this camera’s view for a second anchor. Now remember, all of this gear works seamlessly with the feeds coming from the field, and is then broadcast to our TVs.

Fox News Election Center 2012

Fox News Election Center
Fox News Election Center

In an equally brilliant display of news media pizzaz and nationalistic pride, Fox News has set up their own 2012 election nerve center. Plenty of room for visuals, pundits, interviews and anything else that might be shown on Fox News Network. A central stage like this and the one above are critical aspects of the modern news media paradigm. However, its whats going on behind the scenes and off camera that really makes all of this possible.

Mission Control

The Control Room
CNN Media Control Room

Behind every great news-floor, is a broadcast media control room. I think the only thing you could compare it to is NASA mission control or something inside the Pentagon. The engineers in this room control every graphic, video feed, audio signal, and pretty much everything else. They handle countless live feeds from all around the world and are ready to respond to any crisis no matter what no matter when. A highly skilled team of audio / video engineers operate with tactile control over the entire operation, making critical decisions every second, from how fast to scroll the teleprompter, to what camera angle to display.

Simulcast – Your News, Anywhere

CNN on Satellite Radio
CNN on Satellite Radio

National news networks are no longer confined to the cable television medium. Now you can get all your news in real time via satellite radio, website, or even mobile app. I must say its cool to listen to my favorite news show while I am driving down the highway trying to kill the time. Just think about how amazing it is that my phone can receive a signal from space and let me listen in on a live broadcast as if it were there in front of me. Now think about how much pressure those newscasters must be under, one mistake, one slip, or one stupid unintentionally offensive comment and the whole world hates you…

A Geek’s Paradise

Maybe I am just a bit nerdy, but I find it fascinating how all of this comes together so seamlessly. Even more so, it seems that every year these systems get more capable and equally more sophisticated. I have a love for A/V tech in my blood, and if you enjoyed this article you probably do too! Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive more articles like this one from us on a regular basis. Be sure to drop us a comment and let us know what you think the coolest media technology is today.