Going Google – Word Wizards Explores Google+ Social Networking

Word Wizards is now in the process of setting up Google+ for our organization. Google+ for companies seems to be a bit different than Google+ for individuals. As our online marketing expert, I am eager to finally expand my efforts to Google’s social networking baby. Getting started, there was only one concern, and it looked like this…

Google plus is not available
Translation – It’s guna be a long time before you get your Google+ going!

Not So Easy To Get In

As usual, it seems that the “easy” sign up process Google advertises is not so simple. I was prepared for that this time, actually, and I have come to expect slowness from Google as of late. Well it looks like I’ll be waiting for a while to try out the new social platform. In the meantime, check out another article about Google new super-high speed internet service.

Google Fiber – Gigabit Internet Goes Live

Google Fiber Goes Live – Kansas City Gets Gigabit Internet

Kansas City just became the fastest gun in the west when Google flipped the switch to turn on their new “Google Fiber” internet service. Google Fiber can deliver screamingly fast internet speeds of up to one Gigabit. Reports on the ground say that connections are consistently between 600 and 750 Mbps, with Wi-Fi speeds of up to 200 Mbps. Sounds good right, what if I told you the new service was only going to cost residents around $70 per month!

A New Standard

Google FIber - A New Way For a Faster World
Image Courtesy of Google Fibers Website

So based on the reported speed and pricing, Google is poised to deliver internet that is exponentially faster than the competition at a significantly lower price. It looks like the U.S.A. might finally catch up to other nations that offer affordable super high-speed internet to their populations. ISP’s are scrambling to catch up but it looks like Google Fiber may take off before the other guys can say, “wow that’s bloody fast.”

Oh yea, did we mention that this network will eventually be providing television delivery service as well? That’s right one day the Google Fiber network will be you one stop shop for cable and internet services. Cool, and kinda scary…

Industry Impact

What does all this mean for a small media services company like ours? Well for starters having faster internet capabilities in the U.S. will probably help our transcription services. We work with audio and video files hosed over the internet on a daily basis. The bigger the file, the slower the transfer, the slower the transfer the less efficient our business operates. Fast connections will allow clients to upload larger files without worrying about data corruption or timing out. On the other hand, faster speeds will allow our typists to download and complete their assignments much faster, thus allowing them to make more money at their job.

Take a look at the Google Fiber Blog for the official scoop.


Whats The Catch? Scales and Souls

First of all this system is just beginning to be tested in the real world. So don’t go buying your gigabit modem just yet, because it is going to take a long time before you have Google Fiber in your town unless you live in Kansas City of course. Furthermore, there is a big leap between implementation on a small section of a city, and implementation on a national and multi-national scale. All you guys out there playing Halo 4 online will probably be playing Halo 5 by the time you have a connection this fast.

When customer service goes bad...

Lets consider the other possible drawback here. How much do you trust Google to be your ISP and television provider? I mean sure, their mission statement is, “Don’t be evil.” But when companies this large start making moves beyond their original operational capabilities, you have to wonder, how big is too big? Do you really trust Google, a company you can’t even call on the phone to get help with any of their services to be a good neighbor for your community. Have you ever tried to submit a help claim to Google if one of their shiny products isn’t quite working like they say it should?

Spoiler alert, Google’s customer service sucks, and probably always will. Old Chinese proverb say, “Sell your soul to Google and you will wait 3 to 6 months for a response.”

The Future is Fast

Despite the fact that we have yet to see if Google can go big with implementing a system like Google Fiber on a large scale, it is a huge technological accomplishment that they have achieved. The future looks fast, screamin’ fast. Check out this CNN article about The Launch of Google Fiber if you want some more details about whats going on in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Hacker’s Bounty – $60,000 Reward For Chrome Hack

Think you have what it takes to find a security hole in Google Chrome? If so, you might earn yourself some serious cash. Last Wednesday, a teen hacker operating under the alias, “Pinkie Pie,” took home a $60,000 reward for exposing a big security issue in Google’s golden browser. The media giant has offered a big bounty to anyone who can crack their code in effort to make a more secure and safe browser. Pinkie Pie has taken home the cheddar not once, but twice!

Hack Google, win 60 Gs!

Rise of The “White” Hacker

Hacking used to be looked at as an unforgivable evil in our society. It seems that as soon as computers started to change the world, hackers began to figure out how to take advantage of them. Despite the demonization of the hacking community by film and television, there is a growing trend of professionals, corporations, and even governments looking to “white” hackers for much needed help.

Anonymous - The Benevolent Hacking Super-group!

A “white” hacker is someone who hacks on the light side of the force. Simply stated these individuals use their talents for good, and are regularly used as hired guns when no one else can get the job done. Some of these benevolent hackers have even formed groups, such as the secretive activist group “Anonymous.” White hackers have been held responsible for many capers over the last few years. These socially conscious hackers have been responsible for everything from debugging Google Chrome to hacking Iran’s centrifuges to melt themselves from the inside out.

SEO Tips: A Nightmare Before Google Sitemap Generator

Happy Holidays from your friends at Word Wizards! This late December blog post is dedicated to telling the story of an attempt at installing and setting up the fabled Google Sitemap Generator. For those SEOs out there wondering if it would be beneficial to install this fancy piece of open source Linux wizardry, we at Word Wizards Web Design have a message for you… DON’T BOTHER!

Now that XML sitemaps are the standard practice of most Search Engines, Google kindly offers a utility that can be installed on your system to automatically generate sitemaps that are optimized and ping Google with any new changes to your web site. They say it is easy, and requires no knowledge of advanced system manipulation or coding. “Easy”, as long as you feel comfortable opening a direct Linux Terminal Shell to your server, and using the command line prompt to hack your own site and install a mysterious unsupported piece of software! There is nobody at Google to call for help, and try asking your hosting service provider and their best tech support will scratch their heads and say, “we have to get back to you on that one.”

Luckily, we have our heads on straight in the web design studio. With seasoned programers, Linux users, and code ninjas all huddling over a secret portal to our sites inner workings, surely we could figure the thing out right? Wrong! With all of our extensive resources put to the task, we succeeded in the upload, the installation, but when it came time to set up the utility and begin the magical sitemap generating process, a nightmare of access issues, port securities, and unspecified functional errors plagued our hard working and frustrated SEO team. Thankfully, Google tech support consists of a series of very well optimized documents explaining the same information over and over again; we eventually realized we were on our own.

After weeks of this working nightmare, the effort was all for naught! It is a much simpler process to use an XML sitemap generator provided for free on multiple third party websites and do the uploading manually. If anyone has ever figured this little puzzle out, I am sure you deserve some credit. However, the lack of internet reviews or blog articles explaining the utility known as the Google Sitemap Generator should be the only answer you require.

Do your own sitemap and you will save your time, energy, and holiday cheer.

Bah Humbug!!!