WordPress Development: WordPress SEO Plug-In One Month Later

After a month of using the “WordPress SEO Plug-In” by Yoast, I am happy to say that we have had some very positive results. In this article, I just wanted to elaborate on why I think this plug-in does such a good job. Now let me just clarify, we have had some progress, but we have done a lot of work to achieve it. The positive results we have seen are subtle and gradual, but the effects we are noticing definitely reflect an improvement in SEO performance.

Packed with features, and they work!

When I first wrote on our blog that we were exploring this plug-in, I was a bit skeptical of how functional the features would be.

WordPress SEO by Yoast First Look (You can read the original post here)

Specifically, I was concerned that this new plug-in would be a repeat of many “too good to be true” SEO solutions that I have found around the web. WordPress SEO seems to be written with some very solid code. All of the features work beautifully, except for one which conflicts with some custom code we wrote for our site, but that one was our fault.

A method to the madness

WordPress SEO doesn’t do anything spectacular when you turn it on. On the contrary, there is lots of work to be done once you install this baby. Yoast says on his website that the key to SEO is hard work and constant improvement, trial and error, yada yada.

Work Hard, Play Hard!

WordPress SEO gives you an easy to follow method of making your site as good as it can be. Furthermore, once you take care of the basics, you can analyse your pages in-depth, and get recommendations on what to do next. Paying an outside SEO consultant for all of this information would cost an arm and a leg. What I am trying to say is that if your not a professional SEO specialist, you can still make some big improvements to your site without getting too technical. If you ARE technical though, you can go really deep and get some good results.

For my technical SEO’s out there make sure to read Yoast’s WordPress SEO definative guide, it really does a good job of explaining things that you can do with the plug-in.

Don’t Be a Stranger

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WordPress Development – WordPress SEO Plug-in First Look

Another week, another experiment in the latest SEO technology. Yesterday, we installed the WordPress SEO Plug-in by Yoast and began to use it to help optimize our website and blog. In the past, we have tried playing with some other SEO plug-ins but have never been completely satisfied. It seems that this plug-in is different that many of the others, in the fact that it doesn’t, for lack of better terms, suck…

Nice logo for WordPress SEO
WordPress SEO by Yoast – Logo

Looking For Answers – Enter Yoast

For a long time we have been trying to use a classic formula with our blog to attract business. The concept is clear, if your an expert, you can write a blog that answers someone’s question, if you do that, they will be more likely to sing your praises and possibly turn from reader to customer.

Last Friday I was searching around for blogs specifically about SEO for WordPress. I found a post by Yoast about optimizing the slugs (also know as URLs) for your posts and pages. Yoast recommended that you change to a specific setting and redirect all old links using his easy redirect algorithm. I took the code to our lead developer and she plugged it in. To our surprise, it actually worked!

Here is the extensive article that won us over and lead us to use his plug-in.


I can’t get no…

We have tried many “easy fixes” and SEO plug-ins over the years and have been thoroughly disappointed. There is a lot of out dated, unsupported, flat out miserable code out there. What won us over? His bug fix worked, and with good instructions at that! I am paraphrasing here, but in the article explaining how to use WordPress SEO, Yoast says something that rings very true; “There are no easy fixes in WordPress, anyone who offers an instant SEO solution should not be trusted. SEO takes work, its not easy, but this plugin makes doing that work faster and more efficient.” (Paraphrased)

Drink the powerful SEO Cool-Aid! Brought to you by Yoast.

The Test of Time

We started implementing yesterday, and will be using his optimization strategy for the next few weeks to see if it makes an impact. We will keep track of the progress with our web analytics looking to see if the plug-in starts to make a difference in our traffic and conversions.

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