Media News Update – Viacom DIRECTV Dispute

Looks like the dispute between media moguls Viacom and DIRECTV is over. Both sides are still pointing fingers for the conflict, but they have decided to resolve and move on.

Satellite TV lovers can finally relax, kick back, and enjoy all of the glorious Viacom entertainment their little minds can handle. Just another example of big corporate power struggles alienating millions of people in the name of financial success, well done folks, at least its over now.

The dispute lasted for well over a month, starting on July 10th when Viacom programming was pulled suddenly from the DIRECTV listings. A huge amount of public outcry began to surface as entertainment nuts proved their viral nature and began blasting both sides of the dispute from various perspectives. As always there are two sides to every story, and as usual within the world of giant media companies, it appears that nobody won, nobody lost, and nobody will ever really know what happened in the end.

At least Sponge Bob Square Pants is happy…



The dispute between Viacom and DIRECTV is finally over and Sponge Bob Square Pants is delighted..
If you don’t get it, google it, or ask your kids…

TIVA-DC at the Government Video Expo

There were some impressive booths this year at the world famous Government Video Expo, held in Washington, D.C. Big industry names like Panasonic, JVC, and Roland put together incredible demonstrations of their latest and greatest products. Innovation was abounding, and at the heart of it all, TIVA-DC, long time supporter and organizer of the GV Expo, hosted a record breaking promotional membership drive and prize giveaway.

A topside view of the Government Video Expo
A look from above at the GV Expo

TIVA-DC and Discovery’s Military Channel, with the help of Word Wizards, Inc. was responsible for organizing two wildly successful panel sessions this year. This years keynote was “Lights, Camera, Military Action.” When you need to get footage of the real U.S. Military in action, you call one of the Hollywood Military Liaison Officers.

Lights Camera Military Action Guest Speaker Panel
Lights Camera Military Action Guest Speaker Panel

Ken Hawes, (Army Wives, Men of Steel), U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Jason Johnston (Battle Los Angeles, Avatar) U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Fransisco “Paco” Hamm (Transformers, Iron Man 2) and U.S. coast guard Commander Sean Carroll (The Adjustment Bureau, Deadliest Catch) offered a discussion and Q & A session talking about their diverse work coordinating the private video industry with The U.S. Armed Forces. TIVA-DC solutes all of our honored men and women who serve this great nation proudly, and we thank these distinguished guest for their contribution to this year’s GV Expo.

The TIVA booth signing up new members
New recruts for TIVA

The TIVA booth was hot like spicy sauce this year, as conference goers leaped at the chance to join our ever growing organization. Volunteers worked constantly to inform potential new members and sign up for TIVA – DC. TIVA sponsors donated several different items (usb flash drives, TIVA hats, and a gift certificate for dinner at The Woodmont Grill, donated by Word Wizards) to be raffled off at the end of the day.

TIVA's GV Expo prize giveaway
Jerry Griffith, Current TIVA-DC President (left) Tun Flaherty, Previous TIVA President (Center) Scott Gordon, Word Wizards CEO and TIVA Sponsor (Right)

Another successful GV Expo! Word Wizards would like to thank all of our TIVA-DC volunteers, guest speakers, and new TIVA-DC members who made this year a smash hit!