Website Design

Word Wizards, Inc. employs a highly trained professional web design and technical web development staff. We offer a full range of custom website design and development solutions. Our method starts with listening to our clients’ ideas and expectations for their website. We develop a custom built design that reflects the specific image they wish to present. We offer our clients a completely unique web design solution, which fits their professional personality and puts their company’s needs first.

Why Word Wizards?

Its seems that everyone claims to be a web designer these days. In an age where a website can be made easily and instantly by anyone using automated software, you might wonder why working with a company like ours is worth the extra investment. There are many factors that set our company apart from the others, the following is a list of a few of those reasons.

Experience – Our company has provided professional design services for over 30 years. For the last 10 years, we have put that experience to use designing original and customized websites for many professional clients. We know what it takes to build websites from the ground up and have the track record to prove it. Take a look at our portfolio for a few examples of our work.

Customization – “Cookie cutter” websites are a dime a dozen these days, but for serious professionals, these out-of-box solutions just don’t cut it. The Word Wizards team works directly with our clients to create a websites with customized graphic elements and a completely original user experience. We put the needs of our clients first, and always approach website design from the ground up.

Graphics – Long before the internet became what it is today, our company was providing graphic design services for print and digital publications. Our graphic designers have many years of experience in the field of professional design, and they have translated those skills to the world wide web. The challenge is to create websites with graphic elements that convey a client’s intended message, and provide the right amount of visual flare to keep people interested. Web design services by Word Wizards always include the highly trained eye of our graphics team to create an experience that exceeds expectations.

Back End Development – Custom coding and back end web development is our specialty. We can provide everything you might need for your back end, interactive forms, company databases, even on site e-commerce capabilities. Our team of developers has the skill, training, and experience needed to make fully capable interactive websites.

Business Minded Development Team – Word Wizards doesn’t just provide websites, we provide business minded websites. Our web design team knows exactly how to translate our client’s intended messages into a fully functional business websites. The Word Wizards team considers more than just what our clients want their site to look like, we understand why they want it that way. Our goal is to provide virtual storefronts to business and to develop fully functioning web services.

Fully Integrated Website Solutions

Word Wizards provides the support on the front and back end of your design process. Our website design team will work closely with your organization to create a cost effective solution to achieve your organizational goals. The website design experts working for Word Wizards are all located and trained in the U.S.A. and we never outsource our projects over seas. We invite you to explore our portfolio for examples of some website design projects that we have completed for our satisfied customers.

The Word Wizards, Inc. webpage you are currently on was created 100% in house by our team of website design specialists.

Want a Quote?

If you would like a quote on the website of your dreams, please fill in the Word Wizards Client Survey and send it to us today. Our survey asks important questions which will help you better define what you need from a website.