Frequently Asked Questions

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Section 508 Accessibility

  • What type of video can Word Wizards, Inc. caption?

    Word Wizards provides captions for Broadcast, Internet, and YouTube Video.

  • How do I submit footage for captioning?

    Footage can be submitted for captioning via the internet by using our FTP server. You can also send us DVD's or hard drives for larger captioning projects.

  • How does audio description work?

    A trained voice talent reads a specially prepared script between the regular audio portions of a movie, broadcast, theatrical performance, etc. Scenes, visuals, and non spoken actions are described to convey what is happening in the video. Blind or low vision individuals wear special headphones that receive these signals.

  • Why might I need audio description for my content?

    The 21st Century Accessibility Act requires audio description for a certain amount of broadcast or cable content starting in October of 2011, and increasing annually. Museums, theaters, and historical sites all need to offer audio descriptive services to their patrons who are blind or low vision.



  • What audio and video formats does Word Wizards, Inc. transcribe?

    Word Wizards prefers to receive audio in mp3 format and QuickTime video files with or without time code. However, we can ingest any format of audio or video you provide.

  • What is the accuracy of Word Wizards, Inc. transcriptions?

    Word Wizards never outsources our transcriptions over seas and only uses college educated typists to perform our transcriptions. Thus, we are the industry leader in quality and our accuracy approaches 100%.

  • What is the standard turnaround time for a transcription project?

    48 hours is our standard turnaround time, faster if you need it. We are able to provide overnight, same day, or weekend transcripts with the same accuracy as our standard 48 hour projects.

  • Can Word Wizards, Inc. provide video logging of shot descriptions?

    Yes, Word Wizards offers a unique Interactive Video Logging service (IVL). Both video logs and transcripts can be made searchable and synced to video. With our complete IVL package you can receive fully populated clip bins for the editor and a QuickTime movie that provides access to all the footage to everyone on the production team.

  • How do you determine the price for transcription services?

    Word Wizards quotes transcription projects based on a per page rate, with a cap related to the total number of audio or video hours. Therefore, our clients avoid paying for time that cannot be transcribed i.e. b-roll, music, or gaps in the dialog. Every transcription job is different, please call or e-mail us for a specific quotation.

  • Can Word Wizards, Inc. transcribe older analog media as well as digital media?

    Yes, we continue to offer transcription from VHS, audio cassette, betacam, DAT, and a wide range of older analog media formats.

  • How do I submit my media for transcription services with Word Wizards, Inc.?

    Compressed media can be posted directly to our ftp site at your convenience. You can also send us CD's, DVDs, hard drives, as well as digital and analog tapes.



  • What input is required?

    To log media in Final Cut Pro, we require your footage to be digitized. Send us a drive or DVD with your footage and that's all we need. If you need assistance digitizing physical tapes, Word Wizards Inc. can perform this for a small fee.

  • Does your service use automated software to log and tag media?

    No, the logging process requires a highly trained individual who understands the context of complicated human interactions. Our team of video professionals go through the process of tagging, organizing, and logging your media so you don't have to!

  • What is the difference between "key point granularity" and "page granularity"?

    "Granularity" in this context refers to the level of detail that is coded during the logging process. Page granularity provides logging in the reel that links to the page where the content appears in the transcript. Key point granularity is more specific and the logging data is linked directly to each individual line in the transcript.

  • How are shot descriptions made available to everyone on my team?

    One of the core advantages of IVL is a compressed QuickTime file that includes a searchable and condensed version of your logging data. This file can be rough edited without the use of expensive and highly technical software packages. Thus, the QuickTime movie can be shared via e-mail and rough edited without using advanced editing software. Thus, IVL eliminates down time caused by the need for physical delivery of DVD's or drives containing your footage.



  • What software products does Word Wizards, Inc. use?

    We have the complete line of Adobe creative software for both print and Web, QuarkXpress, the latest Microsoft Office software, and a massive digital font library. We design forms with both Acrobat and LiveCycle (not to mention Microsoft Word).

  • What types of graphic design does Word Wizards, Inc. specialize in?

    Large documents, branding, brochures, financial reports, books, web design. No job is too small or too large. We specialize in great customer service.

  • I'm not from the Washington, DC area. Can you still help me?

    The Internet has made having a national client base not only possible, but convenient. Staff is available after East Coast business hours.


Document Solutions

  • What are document solutions?

    Word Wizards, Inc., customizes solutions for clients who want to convey their message digitally or in print. From conceptual design through completion, we offer all the resources you need to create cost-effective and visually exciting print and digital media to help your business achieve its goals.

  • Are Word Wizards, Inc. document solutions compatible with PC or Mac?

    We have both Macintosh and PC systems in-house. Each document is tested with both types of systems, depending upon client requirements.

  • Can Word Wizards,Inc. produce and edit documents using Microsoft Office?

    We are experts in manipulating Office documents and have produced wide-ranging materials from 600-page, multisectioned (with independent tables of contents) Word documents for the government, to fillable forms and graphically-complex templates that various clients have been able to print out and modify for their own uses. In addition, we can create original Powerpoint templates or presentations, or modify existing documents. We also have experience creating and updating database files to produce merge mail, which can be used to produce variable-data projects.

  • Does Word Wizards, Inc. have the ability to develop complex graphs and charts?

    We have experience developing financial reports for large government agencies, and complex tables, charts and graphs of various types are all part of the job.

  • Does Word Wizards, Inc., have the ability to manipulate, edit, and create interactive PDF documents and fillable forms?

    We can take a static document and bring it alive with bookmarks, hyperlinks, linked tables of contents and indices, interactive animation, videos, and audio, so that readers can experience first-hand the power of rich-media PDFs.

  • Does Word Wizards, Inc., have the ability to create searchable PDFs from scanned documents?

    Using our state-of-the-art scanning hardware with the power of optical character recognition (OCR) software, and the built-in features of Adobe Acrobat, we give our clients the ability to make legacy documents searchable.


FTP Server

  • Why do I need to use the FTP server?

    Word Wizards, Inc., maintains an easy-to-use, Web-based FTP server to service our clients whose files are large enough that email systems may reject them as attachments. Many email servers have a 5 megabyte file size limit, and even Gmail's 34 MB limit is often not enough for some of our clients.

  • Are my documents secure on your FTP server?

    Word Wizards, Inc., employs an FTP server using the latest security protocols. All accounts need a username and password.

  • How do I sign up for a free FTP user account?

    Normally, we'll set one up for you as part of our client intake process. Simply call us at 301-986-0808, or fill out our Sign Up form, and we'll be glad to set up an account.

  • How do I get to the Word Wizards, Inc. FTP server?

    Our FTP server is accessed by pointing your Web browser to There is no need to type "www" before the address.