Section 508 Compliance Services

Word Wizards, Inc. is proud to provide a variety of Section 508 compliance services. The Internet offers people with sensory disabilities an unprecedented level of access to information and media content. We offer compliance for PDF documents, videos, interactive forms, audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and MS Office products. Section 508 compliance services make digital media accessible to people with visual and auditory challenges.

We make it easy to stay in compliance with the Section 508 accessibility law. Our company provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to achieve compliance for all forms of digital media and publications. “Get a Quote” today for more information on rates and delivery time or read on for more information about working with us.

Compliance and Accessibility

Compliance is simply a series of rules and standards required for different types of content. In reality, compliance is just a starting point. Whereas the rules of compliance should generally serve the needs of most situations, compliant does not always necessarily mean useful.  We focus on user experience in our 508 services, providing full section 508 compliance, but in a way that is actually useful to the end users.

By providing clear alt-text, maintaining strict content hierarchy, creating functional tool tips, tagging properly structured tables / charts / graphs, and accurately described visual data, Word Wizards goes the extra mile. We make sure documents and videos are not only compliant, but also provide fully functional alternative comparable to the same experience given to a user without disability or physical limitation. Please use our “Get a Quote” form to request information on rates and services, or continue to explore our resources and capabilities below.

Section 508 Compliance Services:

Section 508 of the National Rehabilitation Act requires that all content on U.S. Government web sites must be readily accessible to people with disabilities. This applies to web applications, web pages, and all attached media files.

Remediation – Simple, Compliant, Affordable

Agencies and beneficiaries of federal funding must now perform comprehensive 508 compliance remediation on all web deliverable content. That means everything distributed online for public use by these entities must be accessible to individuals with visual and auditory disabilities.

Word Wizards makes the remediation process simple and straightforward. Our team of 508 accessibility compliance experts know exactly how to deliver your content in ways that are accessible to disabled individuals. The 508 remediation services we provide are compliant, consistent, and affordable. Located just outside of Washington D.C., we provide Section 508 remediation services to many federal agencies and publicly-funded clients.

Are you new to 508 compliance and accessibility remediation?

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