Audio Description Services

Audible video description technology makes visual media accessible to those who are blind or low-vision. Since 1998, federal law has required captions be provided for audio content. However, the FCC did not mandate audio description until recently because of technical challenges that existed at the time. Thanks to the advent of broadband media, fiber optic networks, and other key innovations, audio description is now becoming an industry standard.

Effective Audio Description requires careful planning and a close relationship between you and Word Wizards. We have been a trusted source of advanced media services to the video production industry for over twenty years. Our expert A/V team is ready to provide audible descriptions for any video project. We always keep in mind the goal of any accessibility project: to help people with disabilities.

Audio Description Solutions by Word Wizards, Inc.

Word Wizards, Inc. now proudly offers a complete solution for all of your audio description needs. Our team of experts will enable your organization to meet the requirements of the 21st Century Accessibility Act with minimal confusion and financial strain. Developing a stream of broadcast quality media with audible video descriptions is a very complicated endeavor. Word Wizards Inc. is ready to be your partner in fulfilling the requirements of this new federal regulation.

The Audio Description Process

Each audio description project is a bit different, but the following list outlines critical steps that make up each audio description project:

  1. Establish a Standard – We will work with you to tailor your audio descriptions to purpose-built levels of detail and complexity.
  2. Write a Script – We work with your team to write a script that conveys the non-auditory information in the best possible way.
  3. Record – We hire a voice actor from our extensive network and record the audio description sound-bytes in a professional studio.
  4. Mix – The final step is to mix the audio description material into the soundtrack of the final video.