508 Compliance Remediation Services

Word Wizards, Inc. maintains a team of document solutions experts with extensive training in Section 508 compliance remediation. Our remediation-services team specializes in making digital publications and documents achieve compliance with the standards of Section 508 of the National Rehabilitation Act.

PDF Document Remediation

screen shot of the accessibility tag structure for a typical 508-compliant PDF in Adobe AcrobatPDF Documents have become the most widely-used method for distributing digital publications and documents via the internet. PDFs have a built-in suite of tools that allow users to create documents that are fully accessible to the visually impaired using a screen reader. A good PDF is organized, accessible, and bookmarked for easy access to any section. We provide full-service 508 remediation services to make any existing PDF compliant with accessibility regulations and standards. We can also convert any existing document or publication, digital or print, into a fully accessible PDF.

Word Wizards, Inc. utilizes the powerful tools of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Freedom Scientific JAWS, and other assistive technologies. We create PDF documents that are both 508 compliant and effectively tagged for use by the visually impaired. They key is to remember the end user. Our Section 508 compliance remediation projects will eventually be used by real people, and we ensure that our methods will yield a document that is fully accessible and conveys all of the relevant information in an organized and comprehensible way.

Microsoft Word Remediation

Microsoft Word styles panelsMicrosoft Office has evolved into the unofficial standard for business and government document production. Our document remediation team will convert and remediate any existing Microsoft Word document to be accessible for compliance with Section 508 regulations. Word Wizards has a long history of providing professional Word-based document solutions and publications. With the advent of accessibility laws and Section 508 standards, we have developed the ability to create documents that utilize the full power of Word while maintaining compliance and usability for individuals with visual disabilities.

Microsoft PowerPoint Remediation

Microsoft PowerPoint screen shot, in Outline ViewWord Wizards designs and produces PowerPoint presentations that are professional in appearance and can be converted to a format that is Section 508 compliant. PowerPoint presents unique capabilities to individuals who want to add some graphic design and visual elements to their multimedia presentations. The unique features in PowerPoint and other presentation software also creates challenges for Section 508 compliance. Our team has years of experience translating complex visual elements into alternate text that can be easily read by screen readers to assist the visually impaired user.

Website Remediation

Word Wizards, Inc. performs remediation for HTML websites to achieve 508 compliance and become functional to visually impaired users. Our method is designed to make the content, features, and navigation capabilities on an HTML page clear and direct for screen readers. Website development is a complicated endeavor on its own, but add in the factor of accessibility regulations and it can be overwhelming. Our team of 508 compliance experts will systematically identify the elements of your website that are not 508 compliant and develop an action plan to address each issue.

Screen Reader Technology

Screen readers have empowered people with visual impairments with an unprecedented level of access and usability to online media and digital publications. The standards of Section 508 compliance dictate that all digital publications distributed online must be fully accessible and usable by individuals with sensory disabilities. Document remediation is the process of converting a normal digital publication into a resource that is accessible to individuals with visual and auditory disabilities.

Our Section 508 compliance remediation team provides reliable and cost-effective 508 remediation solutions. Clients rely on our remediation services to make digital publications fully accessible to individuals using screen readers. We believe that accessibility is more than just about compliance with legal guidelines. Accessibility is about providing unhindered access to information and resources. Accessibility and 508-compliance remediation services are really about one simple thing: people with disabilities deserve access just like everyone else.

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