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Section 508 Compliant Forms

Interactive forms are used to collect data and vital information using computer technology. Making Section 508-compliant forms presents a unique series of challenges. One of our specialties is creating and/or updating interactive forms so they can be used by individuals with visual impairments and satisfy the requirements of 508 compliance. Word Wizards, Inc. has experience with a wide array of accessible interactive forms, including:

Accessible Interactive Forms

When a person with visual challenges interacts with a fillable form, a screen reader allows them to comprehend, navigate, and ultimately complete the form. Creating forms that are fully accessible requires an understanding of how visually impaired individuals will actually use and fill out the necessary information. We believe that compliance with industry standards and regulations is not the only factor that determines accessibility. The most important thing is effectively using a form to submit information with the use of a screen reader or other assistive technology.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Our experts are highly trained in the use of Adobe LiveCycle Designer, which allows us to create dynamic and complex forms. LiveCycle gives us the option to add and delete pages, navigate forms easily, expand fields and sub-forms on the page, and perform calculations and other processes. The sophistication of this product allows you to dream big, and allows our experts to design an interactive form that truly meets your needs.

Adobe “AcroForms”

For legacy forms, Acrobat Pro can be used to create and modify 508-compliant forms without the need to re-create the form under Live Cycle.

Microsoft Office Forms

Word Wizards, Inc. also has extensive experience with developing 508-compliant forms in Microsoft Word. Often our Word forms are first modified and made accessible, then they can be used to easily generate more sophisticated PDF forms.