Transcription Testimonials

“I was working on a mini-series for the Discovery Channel that had fallen behind schedule. I called in the folks at Word Wizards who turned around 300 hours of talking head interviews in six weeks. During that time a hurricane knocked out power both at Discovery and at Word Wizards HQ in Maryland. However their affiliates in Northern Virginia were able to continue to deliver the transcription work. The project was completed on time and under budget. I would recommend them to anyone for everything from the largest transcription projects down to a few short hours with quick turnaround requirements.”

— Adie Moray, Discovery Communications

“We have been using Word Wizards for years for transcription on shows such as Taboo, Border Wars and Earth Report. They are fast, accurate and affordable and have never let us down on deliveries.”

— Andrew Chu, National Geographic Television

“I’ve called Word Wizards with tight deadlines in the morning and had my transcript in the email within a few hours. They work late evenings and on weekends like I do. We don’t look at these transcripts as a luxury. We save significant time in the edit suite by having them on hand.”

— Midge Flinn-Yost, Harpers Ferry Productions

“I was working on a program for the Discovery Channel in which I interviewed a police officer with a heavy British accent. He was speaking in a rapid-fire manner while driving in a speeding police car. Thanks to the time code in the transcript, I was able to pick a few perfect sound bites out of this chaotic 30-minute footage.”

— John Wright, Wright Productions, Oak Park, Illinois

Design Testimonials

“Right from the start, Word Wizard impressed us with their efficient, professional manner. We were looking for a company to develop our web site with as much ease as possible. Their Plan site layout and suggested site content made it painless for us. Word Wizard knew we needed a site that a customer or prospective customer could visit and find what they were looking for. Their staff of writers and web site designers accomplished this. Our website looks great. Thank you.”

— Sandra Riquelme, Office Manager, Air Stream AC

“I originally brought Ilana in to work on a very complicated project after another graphic designer had basically given up. Ilana took the time to learn our detailed tracking system, met our tight timeline and brought her own perspective to help make the process smoother for future publications. She became more than just our graphic designer, she is now a valued partner in our success. When I changed organizations, I made sure that Word Wizards remained a part of my team. From large publications to simple brochures, Word Wizards has always integrated our image and message into beautiful products.”

— Shari Rager, Assistant Director, Child Life Council

In today’s hectic business world, it is rare to receive such personal and immediate attention as we’ve continuously received with Word Wizards. It is wonderful to have such a personal connection with such a dynamic team! They understand our mission and take the time to understand our unique project goals to help us get our message out. I appreciate their creative vision and fresh approaches to our numerous projects. I know that they will drop everything to help meet our deadlines. My non-profit organization has worked with Word Wizards for 11 years, and Word Wizards has absolutely been a significant part of our team.

— Julie Ginn Moretz, Director, Special Projects, IPFCC

Word Wizards has been such a great help with numerous projects for our Health Department. We’ve used Word Wizards to help us convert a lot of complicated graphics heavy projects into MS Word format so our audience will be able to use those documents and modify them to suit their community. Ilana and her staff are great to work with and take the time to understand what the goal of the project is and how to make it best meet our audience’s needs. Our office has never been disappointed with the end result, in fact, when we begin working on projects, we always say “Word Wizards will be able to do this for us”. To have confidence that a company will deliver is huge in the public sector! In the long run, by developing projects that are easier to use by the public health preparedness field, they are actually making an impact on preparing the communty for emergencies as well.

— Betsy Rebert, Communication Specialist, HHS