Analog Transcription Services

Word Wizards was one of the original pioneers of transcription from analog media before digital transcription changed the industry. In those days, we transcribed physical tapes instead of virtual files. We continue to offer analog transcription services to this day. Few transcription companies maintain the equipment and expertise needed to transcribe analog audio or video. Some clients still use analog media systems in their production process to incorporate legacy content, to simplify their media workflow, and in some cases because of the warmth and distinct charterer of recording directly to tape. Need transcription for your analog media? Use our “Get A Quote” button to request your free quote today, or read on for more information about our capabilities.

Analog Time Code

Word Wizards is one of the only companies still able to provide time stamps from audible SMTPE time code. Audible time code is simply a system to synchronize audio, video, and transcripts without modern computers. During the shoot, the audio signal was split and sent to a separate recorder. One channel of the stereo audio field contains the original audio, and the other channel records an analog time code signal generated in sync with the camera system. Using these SMTPE time code signals, a media team could maintain perfect analog sync with their audio and video content during the analog editing process. Before the days of AVID and Premier, SMTPE time code was your lifeline to keeping all of your content perfectly aligned. During our founding years in the early 90s, Word Wizards pioneered ways to transcribe content with SMTPE time code included in the transcript margins.

We provide transcription services for the following analog media formats:

  • Audio Cassette
  • VHS
  • Hi-8
  • Mini-DV
  • HDV
  • Betacam

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