Subtitle Services

Word Wizards provides professional subtitle services for our clients in the video and media production industries. Subtitles are very similar to closed captions and are sometimes referred to as “open” captions. The difference between subtitles and closed captions is that subtitles are burned into the video and can not be turned off. Closed Captions however, can be switched on or off and exist in their own separate media channel. Subtitling can be a tedious and painful process, which is why our clients let us do it for them.

Why Use Subtitle Services

Adding subtitles to video can be useful for many different functions. The primary use of subtitles is to provide translations of foreign language dialogue on screen so that the audience can understand dialog in other languages. Subtitles can also be used to clarify what is being said for the audience if the audio is poor, there is noise in the background, there are heavy accents, ext… Subtitles also function as simple “open” captions for media that may be played with the volume low or off in public places.

Related Services

Word Wizards is ready to be your one stop shop for post production support. Subtitle services go hand in hand with several of our other services, and we offer special rates for bundled service packages. The following services are often needed in conjunction with subtitles, and Word Wizards is here to help you handle all of them at once. Please explore these links to learn more about services that you might need in addition to subtitling.

  • Foreign Language Transcription – Before you can add subtitles to your video, you need a transcript translated into the language of the audience.
  • Translation – If you already have the dialogue transcribed in another language, we can translate it so it can be used for subtitling.
  • Closed Captioning – Need closed captions in addition subtitles? Look no further!
  • Audio / Video Transcription – Subtitles and open captions require a high quality transcript as the first step of the process.

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