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Word Wizards, Inc. has been providing industry leading time code transcription services for over 20 years. Transcripts with time code are used throughout every level of the media production industry. Time code transcripts are also utilized by media content developers, marketing companies, communications directors, consulting firms, insurance adjusters, law enforcement, and federal agencies. Our clients rely on a proven track record of accuracy, rapid turnaround, and unbeatable customer service. We only use professionally educated typists and never outsource to off shore typing services. Use our “Get A Quote” form to request your free quote today or read on for more information about our services.

What is Time Code Transcription?

Time code is the easiest and most effective way to synchronize text transcripts with audio or video content. Time stamps are inserted into the transcript margins indicating exactly when the text was audible in the media. These time stamps allow media teams to easily search through the verbal content of large media projects. We can create transcripts synced to any format of time code, including: embedded time code, metadata time code, burned-in time code, manual starting numbers, analog SMTPE time code, and more.

Transcripts with time code are typically delivered in our standard template, but can be formatted to match the specific needs of your project. Time stamps are inserted every 30-45 seconds by default, with finer granularity available for projects with stricter requirements. Standard turnaround for time code transcription is 2-3 business days, with next business day and same day rush services available. If you need transcription with time code, indicate your requirements on our “Get A Quote” form and tell us about your project.

Transcription Services by Word Wizards, Inc.

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When you are ready to begin, please use our “Get A Quote” form to request a free quote today. Using transcripts with time code can save you time, money, and resources. With over 20 years of experience in the transcription business, Word Wizards maintains a reputation for excellence and dependability. Got tough questions? Give us a call, we are committed to offering superior customer service and never use automated phone menus or off shore call centers. Thanks for your interest in our services, we look forward to working with you.