Word Wizards, Inc. provides reliable transcription services for media professionals. Our company is known throughout the industry for accuracy, speed, and superior customer service. We offer simple and secure transcription services with reliable turnaround. Media professionals, content managers, editors, producers, consultants, hospitals, government agencies, law enforcement, and many others rely on our transcripts to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

To maintain the best possible quality, we only use professional, USA based labor for our typing services. Word Wizards provides dependable media transcription solutions, providing speech to text services for over 20 years. Use our “Get A Quote” form to begin working with us today, or continue reading for more information about our services.

Transcription Basics

A transcript is a written record of verbal content within a media file, providing a complete text account of spoken material and relevant audio. Transcription services improve efficiency of media projects and empower individuals to work smarter with audio and video material. Transcripts help organize digital assets, enable text searching of verbal content, and provide an exact account of audible material within media files.

Transcripts offer easy access to critical information, and provide a system for managing digital media projects. Transcripts can be prepared from any media format that contains audio. Word Wizards is a trusted provider of online transcription services for prerecorded material, with expertise supporting television production, corporate content, focus groups, government agencies, webinars, online video, law enforcement, private media producers, and more.

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Transcription Quality Matters

Word Wizards maintains a strict commitment to the quality of our services. Accuracy is critical to effectively use transcripts to enhance media workflows. We ensure each project is transcribed correctly, and meets the exact specification of our clients. The key is a trusted network of highly trained professional typists, an in-house team of document solutions experts, and 25 years of industry experience.

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General Transcription Services

Click here for information about general transcription services. General transcription is used to support a wide range of professional services. Transcripts are prepared by our professional typists and delivered in an easy to read digital text format. We transcribe everything from speeches to lectures, focus groups to podcasts, legal proceedings, phone calls, depositions, panel discussions, and anything in between.

Time Code Transcription Services

Click here for information about transcription with time code.  Time code is the most effective way of synchronizing verbal content in text form with a media file. Time code transcripts offer a powerful tool for media professionals, enabling raw footage to be organized and searched in text form. Time stamps are inserted into the transcript margins, matching the elapsed time, or source time code provided by the client. These time stamps serve as an invaluable reference for editing, reviewing, script writing, and digital asset management.

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